10 Most Expensive Bikes motorcycle in The World

10 Most Expensive Bikes motorcycle in The World

Guys are crazy for bikes and heavy bikes. Well, maintaining this in mind some of the most expensive companies on the earth have manufactured bikes, whose looks are adequate to make men and women invariably wonder how they had been created. These wheels are sure to be a logo of your persona and part of your identity.

These bikes are steeply-priced due to their constitution, design, velocity and outlook. They have been designed by using retaining in view the luxury and a thrill that a driver has in his intellect. Most likely, these bikes are usually not for the commoners. They're only for millionaires and billionaires. Right here we present you the ten most expensive bikes on the earth.
1. Harley-Davidson - Cost: $ 1 million

10 Most Expensive Bikes motorcycle in The World

2. Ultra Rare Porcupine - Cost: $ 750,000

3. Gold Plated Custom Chopper - Cost: $ 500,000

4. The legendary British classic black - Cost: $ 400,000

5. Ecosse FE Ti XX - Cost: $ 300,000

6. Hub less Harley Davidson - Cost: $ 155,000

7. Hildebrand Wolfm├╝ller - Cost: $ 150,000

8. Harley Davidson Rocker - Cost: $ 130,000

9. Coventry Eagle - Cost: $ 120,000

10. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter - Cost: $ 110,000