4 Egyptian cooks may not have heard about before

Egypt beautiful and diverse country where there are many simple and distinctive things stemming from its heritage, which can not be found anywhere else in the world. Of these things Egyptian cooks Artbtna out, with the development and change of time these cooks that were gathered in the Egyptian family began disappearing, but there is still maintained by us.

1. Cone 

4 Egyptian cooks may not have heard about before

Cone made up of water, flour, salt paste, came out of the level and is known there as the police, and then spread in the cities and the countryside. Also known Bakadosah became famous eaters loved the Egyptians and offered at weddings and family occasions.
Over time Cone were in danger of extinction, are found only in a few places still celebrates her and maintain its presence, such as Salman Eskandarani in the study area and the lake. In these places still Egyptians love their heritage and preserve it.

It is important to draw attention to Cone not eaten all black honey or milk Kthalih, but also eaten with soup and meat in a hearty meal level.

2. Albalozh

Albalozh Egyptian candy existed since the era of the Fatimids, was of the most famous sweets and inventions. It is a simple dessert made up of starch, milk, strong very thick cut and placed them fruits such as bananas, strawberries and a little syrup.
Unfortunately, like other Albalozh on its way to extinction, were left only one man still maintaining a presence called satisfaction clock and nicknamed the emperor Albalozh, he owns a small cart to sell Albalozh in a neighborhood alleys aesthetic inherited from his father.

3. Muftqh

Muftqh eaters knew pretty popular among poor and middle classes in Egypt, was sold in the market while many women Tsnan Muftqh, which consists of molasses and peanuts and sesame Circuit and accurate.
And now it confined only to some of the older women in some popular areas.

4. porridge

Eaters Egyptian inherited from ancestors, a very old recipe was made in the sultans houses in popular celebrations, consisting of flour and butter, water and molasses Egyptian made of sugar cane and not like black honey made from the Iraqi al-Balah. Rarely find beta Egyptian longer porridge now.

Do you know these cooks before? Provide your favorite meal among these cooks.