5 MOST WELL-KNOWN Dance Styles in the global world

5 MOST WELL-KNOWN Dance Styles in the global world

Boogie is a kind of skill which involves motion of your body generally, rhythmic and music often. It really is performed in many cultures as a kind of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise, in a spiritual or performance setting, and can be used to express ideas or tell a story sometimes. Dancing is entertaining. Its passion for some social people as well as profession for some. Whether you can or you can't nevertheless, you dance! everyone will.
Here I've stated 5 most popular Dance styles performed all around the globe. I am certain you'll be familiar with a few of the styles, but this list talks about some dances from different civilizations that are most likely not used to you. I would have overlooked out some so please promote you favorite in comment section.

1- Belly Dance

5 MOST WELL-KNOWN Dance Styles in the global world

2- Kathak

3- Gangnam Style

4- Salsa

5- Hip-hop Dance