How was the social networking sites at its beginning ?

How was the Shape of social networking sites at the very beginning? Good generation are the ones who will remember this for sure! These primitive forms will not believe her children of this generation.

1. Google

How was the social networking sites at its beginning ?

Google has been established in 1998 under the name BackRub, according mention the Google site itself in the definition on the company and then changed the name to the current name, the two founders and never to the Internet did not expect this value added by Google to the world in general and in particular, during the march many changes have taken place the company and this is reflected in the services provided such as Gmail and Googel Drive.

2. Twitter

The beginnings of Twitter was a site to send text messages the 140 does not exceed characters for numbers of service in the United States, Canada, India, even the evolution and arrived to this case as an approved site as a source of news, and anxious all the characters and important channels on attendance and presence in it heavily.

3. YouTube

On February 14, 2005 was the beginning of YouTube, in 2007 the number of YouTube users, 79 million users.

4. Facebook

Facebook beginnings were as a specialized students of Harvard University did not predict that one will reach the size of the interaction and the audience was even said: "If the state of Facebook was the largest state in terms of population."

5. instagram

Despite humble beginnings, but it was regarded as photo album for each person, and won a lot of interaction with users.