Top 10 The Most Hottest Puerto Rican Ladies in 2016

Top 10 The Most Hottest Puerto Rican Ladies in 2016

Take one look within my background (or search background) and there is no concealing my love for las Boricuas . Big Pun unveiled me to the wonder of Puerto Rican women back the 90s and they are driving a car me crazy since.

I recently got the possibility to visit Puerto Rico and I was absolutely impressed at how much eyesight chocolate one island could produce. From Old San Juan, Ponce and rincon to Beach locations, Bio and rainforests Bays, Puerto Ricans need to be beautiful merely to stand out from other natural environment!

This post isn't about those natural magic of Puerto Rico, however, this is approximately a ethnic issue that it's believed by me my obligation to protect as a recognized travel blogger. It's a subject that we covered in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and ecuador, and now it is time to explore the hotness of Puerto Rican Women.

As I've done before, I wish to give an possibility to those Puerto Rican women who aren't as popular, and that means you won't see Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Marquita or Rodriquez Rivera on the list, even though they are really as spicy as everybody else onboard the hot bus.

Just like you haven't skipped right down to the photographs already, here will be the Top 10 Hottest Women of Puerto Rico in my own completely perverse and biased impression.

Enjoy ...

1- Adrienne Bailon
Top 10 The Most Hottest Puerto Rican Ladies in 2016

2- Monic Marie Pérez Díaz

3- Joan Smalls

4- Roselyn Sanchez

5- Naya Rivera

6- Lymari Nadal

7- Brenda Lynn Acevedo

8- Dayanara Torres

9- Denise Quiñones

10- Vanessa Claudio