Top 5 Gorgeous Saudi Women YOU HAVE TO KNOW About

Top 5 Gorgeous Saudi Women YOU HAVE TO KNOW About

It isn't every day that you will get to learn about Saudi women. Absolutely sure there's many articles talking about their position in world and how they don't really get enough protection under the law - and that is true. It is important to understand that. But at exactly the same time it is critical to not merely see them as subjects. Why do we reach find out about Saudi ladies in an optimistic light hardly ever? We mustn't forget that they are just women, as ordinary people. So today let's just speak about famous and stunning Saudi women and rejoice them to be who they are and their abilities.

1. Reem Abdullah
Top 5 Gorgeous Saudi Women YOU HAVE TO KNOW About
Reem Abdullah is an excellent actress with a great love of life. You might recognize her from Tash Ma Tash, where she caused Nasser Al Qasabi and Abdul-Allah Al-Sadhan, who are hilarious comedians.

2. Ahd

Ahd is a lovely and talented director and actress from Saudi Arabia. You understand her from a BAFTA nominated movie called Wadjda probably. This can be a first Saudi Arabian feature Ahd and film played the lead role in this movie. She started her career by starring in and directing short films actually, which received awards and prestigious nominations. Ahd is also the first Saudi Arabian to ever get a Directing degree in the U.S.

3. Princess Ameerah Al-taweel

This mesmerising lady is a Saudi Arabian Princess. Not just that, but she's also a philanthropist, Vice Chairperson of Al-Waleed bin Talal Foundation and an associate of the board of trustees at Silatech. She's spoken out often about the problem of women's rights in Saudi. She's a major advocate about women's to drive in Saudi Arabia and she's also very interested in the empowerment of women.

4. Nermin Mohsen

This beautiful lady is a favorite Saudi actress. She was created in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She's only 23 but she's already achieved a number of things. Her career were only available in 2010 with a job on the famous comedy show Maraya, and from then on she's been offered a great many other TV jobs.

5. Razan Alazzouni

Razan Alazzouni is a talented and famous Saudi designer. Her dresses have been worn by various celebs on red carpets. Kelly Osbourne, Paris Emma and Hilton Roberts have been seen wearing her beautiful dresses.