Top 5 longest-lived animals

Varies ages experienced by living on the face of the earth dramatically objects rate,There is a short may not exceed clocks,
Some of which is long to some extent is difficult to measure, but what are the longest-lived animals on the face of the earth?

This is what you will learn in this list, which includes five longest-lived animals :

1. immortal jellyfish

I did not know until now the number of years experienced by the animal, it is a very long time, so he nicknamed "Immortal" .

2- Hard clams

Hard clams live more than 200 years in the overall rate, and possibly slightly exceed it.

3- giant tortoise

Tortoise is one of the long-lived animals that may live on average more than 150 years.

4- Killer whale

It is a predator, where more than a hundred years the average rate.

5- sea anemones

Although it is smaller and thinner than what we can for him to guess her real age, but the sea anemones older than the rate 80 years ago.