Top 5 MOST REMARKABLE Hollywood Cars

Top 5 MOST REMARKABLE Hollywood Cars
There are a large number of vehicles which were used in films, but just a few which were made famous by Hollywood. Here, I've siffed out 5 of the greatest & most memorable Hollywood vehicles which are placed according to level of popularity, speed, basic characteristics and overall authenticity of where these vehicles would are categorized as or over one another. I have rated them in concerns of which jump out that beats all others from the most frequent to the most popular as well as a lot more speedier ones. Check them out! Make sure to make your own ideas in the commentary section below.

1. Koenigsegg (Need for Speed – The movie)

Top 5 MOST REMARKABLE Hollywood Cars

2. Bugatti Veyron (The Green Hornet)

3. McLaren MP4 – 12C Spider (Fast and Furious 7)

4. Ferrari Daytona Spyder / Testarossa (Miami Vice Series)

5. Aston Martin (James Bond 007)