Top 10 The most Dangerous Dinosaurs

Top 10 The most Dangerous Dinosaurs

Dinosaur as an canine is very interesting to learn about and surely can take us back the time where they been around. It fascinates people up to it can to children. These were one of the best, gigantic & most dangerous looking family pets that ever came up to actuality. They participate in Dinosaurian clade and were observed in the Triassic period first.

They may be assumed to acquire originated between 231 and 243 million years back, although it is still a subject of research. The term dinosaur comes from Greek words deinos meaning "fearfully great" or "potent" and sauros meaning "lizard" or "reptile". According to a scholarly research, over 500 non-avian genera of dinosaurs have been determined and around 1850 genera are conserved in the fossil record, this means almost 75% than it still must be determined. Dinosaurs as specie were herbivorous; some were carnivorous like the ones who use to consume seeds, fish, omnivores and insects. So this is a set of the deadliest of most:

1- Giganotosaurus
Top 10 The most Dangerous Dinosaurs

2- Tyrannosaurus

3- Spinosaurus

4- Majungasaurus

5- Troodon

6- Ankylosaurus

7- Allosaurus

8- Liopleurodon

9- Diplodocus

10- Sinosauropteryx