Top 10 The Most Inaccurate Movies Historically

Top 10 The Most Inaccurate Movies Historically 

Nothing at all captivates a viewers quite like the chance of an film "predicated on a true history." Tales about real people, events and places tend to add an extra aspect of magic to a movie. Some directors seem to be to believe their artistic license permits these to venture far beyond what could be reasonably thought as "historically accurate." Viewers then check out take in these historically inaccurate films under the mistaken assumption these films are completely true.

Individuals are removed and added, romantic interests are manufactured, and occasions are exaggerated or fabricated entirely! And sometimes they even completely change the dates. Despite some truth bending and trickery, several films are beloved by fans widely, though they prove to be very popular between historians rarely.

1- Pearl Harbor (2001)
Top 10 The Most Inaccurate Movies Historically

2- Braveheart (1995)

3- Alexander (2004)

4- The Patriot (2000)

5- Marie Antoinette (2006)

6- 300 (2006)

7- Apocalypto (2006)

8- Gladiator (2000)

9- JFK (1991)

10- J. Edgar