Top 10 The PRICIEST Limousines

Top 10 The PRICIEST Limousines

Limousine - the real name itself talks about school and panache. Limousine is recognized as the summit of all rich and luxury cars. The limo enables the traveler of the automobile to comfort themselves and revel in the stunning drive when they are interested by some ultra amazing features at the same time. The Limousine is this is of richness and course. This vehicle is filled with every feature and form that any car-lover would ever before imagine. Limo embraces technology like the trunk of your respective hand. This limo can be driven by or pulled over to a brake also. The individual sitting in the limo certainly becomes the eye-candy for most, for the boys too. The tires of your limo do not move, they fly.
A limo is focused on school and panache and therefore this entire affair of shopping for a Limousine is too costly, costly to an level that you will be cost because of it a bomb. Any Limousine will typically range you in one hundred thousand hundreds of thousands to 3 hundred thousand large numbers everywhere. To some social people, buying a simple limo is similar to living their dream while there's also lots of rich brats who anticipate buy even more luxurious vehicles and for that reason they don't compromise on investing a larger sum of money to sit in a common Limousine.
The list following is focused on the most luxurious Limousines that are charged for at least 1 million us dollars. These limos aren't the standard Limousines but more than that certainly. These limos are amazingly custom-made limos and are the top-end models. They are each one of the kind or an extremely restricted edition. The firms do not generally produce these limos until these are instructed to do so by any customer. It is because the limos are incredibly extravagant to create. Also in almost all of the cases, the buyer anticipate buying their own custom-made group of limos. Thus, the customization of the limos open up the entry doors for all your manufacturers and designers to earn much more money. chek our TOP PRICIEST list

1- The Sultan of Brunei’s Custom Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo >>> $14 million
Top 10 The PRICIEST Limousines

2 - Batmobile Limousine >>> $4.2 million

3- The American Dream >>> $4 million

4- Rolls Royce Phantom Limo >>> $3.8 million

5-The Beast >>> $3 million

6-The Midnight Rider >>> $2.5 million

7- $1.4 million Maybach Landaulet >>> $1.4 million

8- The Million Euro Mini >>> $1.35 million

9- Mercedes-Benz S-600 Pullman >>> $1 million

10- Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo >>> unkown