Top 5 PRICIEST Academy Awards Dresses

Top 5 PRICIEST Academy Awards Dresses

Academy Prizes is the largest show on the planet to identify and honour the fantastic and accomplished artistes of Hollywood. Additionally it is the function where women get recognized to discover the best dress they wear. As the walk the red carpet, all optical eye are on just of adornment they may have on them, from dress, to jewellery to shoes. That they do their scalp, what brand they wear, if the make-up would work atlanta divorce attorneys way: everything is scrutinized. But, of course, the best little bit of attention is directed at the dresses. The dresses must be beautiful, exclusive, and undoubtedly, expensive extremely, and the stars who wear such dresses create record. Let us look into 5 PRICIEST Academy Awards Dresses.

1. Jennifer Lawrence $4 million
Top 5 PRICIEST Academy Awards Dresses

2. Nicole Kidman $2 million

3. Cate Blanchett $200,000

4. Elizabeth Taylor $167,500

5. Audrey Hepburn $131,292