Top 5 The weirdest cars were manufactured in the world

Top 5 The weirdest cars were manufactured in the world

The engineers at the auto companies with creativity and technical designs of the new cars, some of them see the light and some of them remain locked into factories, and you Here are five cars of the strangest cars that have been produced in the history of the automotive industry.

1. longest limousine in the world
Top 5 The weirdest cars were manufactured in the world

This car of innovation (Jay Orobok) who went his mind too far to invent a car length of 30 meters, and has 26 wheel and Mqsourtin leadership, also was recorded in Mosuhh Guinness tallest car in the world of numbers, similar to a portable hotel on wheels, it includes a swimming pool and Jacuzzi and a bed Royal , it is also equipped with a special runway Balhlyukopetr.

2- Peel p50

Ultra-small car, carrying the smallest car in the world title, entered the production line when the Peel Engineering Company has produced fifty cars in 1963, and sold at relatively cheap does not exceed 200 pounds, and contain the car on three wheels and one door on the left.

3. E-egg

This car did not enter the production line, making them only one piece, which was designed in 1935 by the French designer (Paul Arzan), by making the bubble of the problem aluminum manually, and covered the windows with glass-reinforced, with the addition of an electric motor and a battery at the back, and the result the car weighs 350 kg, which is only still exist in the Arts Museum in Paris.

4. amphibious car

The first amphibious car in the world and electrically operated and can dive under water to a depth of 10 meters, and can dive at speeds of 3 kilometers per hour down the water, and a top speed of on the road 120 kilometers per hour.

5. Car Swan

Made British engineer a wealthy and eccentric, to feel its passengers that they are at home more than they are on the road, made entirely of wood, and equipped with a self-system to clean the wheels, Ptlgraf to give commands to the driver, and a piano to play while roaming in the city, but the mouth of the Swan spews steam while unfolds.