Top 10 Hottest & Sexiest redheads in games

Top 10 Hottest & Sexiest redheads in games
Top 10 Hottest & Sexiest redheads in games

Hottest & Sexiest redheads in games top 10 :

10. Viola "Area IN THE Enders"

Sometimes (most of the time actually) it isn't really about the scalp.

9. Tyris Flare "Golden Axe"

The initial Tyris Flare had not been a redhead. Odd considering that her name kinda signifies a fiery disposition, which everyone understands

8.Trip "Enslaved"

Well, if you are heading to be enslaved by someone, maybe it's a lot more serious when compared to a hot young redhead with a huge opening in the ass of her trousers...

7.Oerba Dia Vanille "Last Fantasy XIII"

No matter how old a lady Final Fantasy identity happens to be, Square's designers will still ensure she appears like a hot nineteen year-old. Genius.

6.Amy "Spirit Calibur"

Lacy, thigh-high stockings and significant boots... Personally i think faint.

5.Joanna Deep "Perfect Dark"

Rare's turn from Nintendo to Microsoft was a very important thing to ever eventually gamers who're into redheads. An Xbox fanboy once explained Rare used correct scientific computations to make Joanna Deep into an objectively perfect female. This is evidently nonsense but still... hubba hubba!

4.Nariko "Heavenly Sword"

Heavenly Sword's heavenly heroine must ranking highly here because she's more red head of hair than another game persona. Plus she's less covering her lower part than... well, almost every other game characters.

3.Candy Cane "Rumble Roses"

The 'schoolgirl' look is a different one popular among feminine game personas, but of course Chocolate Cane is too old for institution. It's only a... ahem... fashion assertion. She'd get expelled for using that to increase biology.

2.Kasumi "Deceased Or Alive"

Every now and then I make a high ten list without everyone's favorite ginger ninja in it, and discover myself wracked with regret and guilt for days and nights later on. Not this time around though.

1. Blanka "Neighborhood Fighter"

Seriously, when I observed he first, I noticed an electricity between us.