Top 4 Girls Arabs actresses pornstar

Top 4 Girls Arabs actresses pornstar
Top 4 Girls Arabs actresses pornstar
Trading pioneers of social networking "Facebook and Twitter" sites, some pictures of a girl named Kimberly Kendall, a pornographic actress, but she was shocked when detecting from the original asset to this artist was "Arab", this has raised the anger of a lot of controversy because of her profession unacceptable because of Arab origins.

1. "Kimberly" is producing graphite Borno American actress, was born on May 28, 1993 in the US city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin, and her real name Ivana Vuitton, and her family from the Egyptian and Armenian descent, one of the world's most famous actresses in pornographic films.
The Kimberley Process is not the first Arab hack into the world of porn movies and was preceded by many women, most notably on the Lebanese Mia Khalifa all, Yasmine Lafitte, and Delilah, and Judy Mandquis.

2. "Mia Khalifa" is a Lebanese obtained US citizenship after marrying an American citizen and 20 years old and got a bachelor's degree in history and strange that her husband had helped her to become an artist for films and pornographic estranged and made her manager, her lover.

3. "Yasmine Lafitte" Moroccan girl originally moved with her family to France and not older than 5 months and completed her childhood in Bourg-en Paris, and worked as an assistant nursing is one of the most famous representatives of Borno in the world, and was the first film pornographic her in 2004 and practiced work five years and she announced her retirement in 2009 after receiving numerous awards, and was married to producer of pornographic films called "Olivier Laffitte."

4. "Delilah " girl of Moroccan origin traveled to France to study in 1990, at the age of 21 and ended her virginity there, and passed over the stage in the work were drawn, and then became a cross-sectional images of Morocco, and moved to pornography, and became the most famous representatives of pornographic films and has represented about 53 sexually film.